What To Look for In A Child-Friendly Home?
By: Alfred Martinelli & Delphine Honore.

What To Look for In A Child-Friendly Home?

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When people decide to start a family or already have young kids, their priorities change, from their everyday habits to the way of living. Driven by the new emerging needs, many parents decide to settle down in a beautiful home so they start exploring their options as potential homebuyers. Many young parents take into account their children’s needs and ask their Buyer’s Representative to seek out child-friendly homes and neighbourhoods in the GTA before they start visiting home showings. However, it often begs the question, what kind of a home is actually child-friendly? What are the qualities and features it should have? Here are some guidelines to point you into the right direction.

Child-friendly homes offer plenty of space
If you have one child and don’t plan on having more, a two-bedroom is probably not a bad idea. Still, an extra room would come in handy for guests and grandparents, so it does not get uncomfortable for a few days while they sleep over. If your budget allows, consider the option. On the other hand, if you plan on having more kids in the future, make sure to consider buying a larger home to secure your needs are covered once your family counts four/five/six members. You are going to raise your kids in the home, and you sure want them to have some privacy when they need it. Toronto and Vaughan have great optimum size homes -  check out current listings.

Child-friendly homes are surrounded by great amenities
No matter how old your child is right now, if you plan to stay in the home for 10-15 years, make sure to seek out the best school districts and nurseries so your child can get the best education available. Toronto and Vaughan neighbourhoods are well-known for reputable schools, and they are usually well-equipped with other amenities, like different shops, kids stores, malls, restaurants, libraries, playgrounds, parks and green spaces. If you are more of a Detached-kind-of-person, make sure there is some room in the backyard for setting up your own playground, but if you are going to buy a condo, there are dozens of family-friendly buildings in Toronto and the GTA that offer play areas for children and other facilities just for the little ones (movie screenings, swim lessons or basketball training, etc.).

Child-friendly homes have a functional layout
Luckily, most of today’s layouts offer an open floor plan which connects the kitchen with the dining and living room enabling a family to socialize and be close even when everyone is pursuing their own activities. The parents may be cooking in the kitchen, while the kids are watching TV in the living room or doing their homework in the dining room, and it will still feel like they are all together enjoying quality time together.

Child-friendly homes offer plenty of storage room
Clutter is one of the things that cause anxiety and having kids in the house makes it even harder to keep the home organized and neat. Therefore, smart storage options should not be underestimated when looking for your dream home. The home should definitely have one or the other extra closet, a den and functional furniture pieces that can be used to store all the different things each one of you has. Think about sports equipment, toys, clothes, school supplies, summer, and winter items, etc.

Luckily, homebuyers with children have good odds to find a good home for their family as many Toronto, Vaughan and other GTA homes cater to the needs of families and children. Whether it is a house, a townhouse or a condo you are looking for, there is something for everyone in all price categories, even when you are shopping for a home on a budget.

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