How To Find Your Perfect GTA Neighborhood
By: Alfred Martinelli

How To Find Your Perfect GTA Neighborhood

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Finding the right location and the right neighborhood when moving or relocating to the GTA is a crucial factor when searching for a home. The feeling of comfort and security is highly associated with the area we live in. It all comes down to what makes you happy and comfortable, though there is no universal handbook on the perfect neighborhood. Some people prefer to live nearby isolated natural wonderlands, while others prefer the downtown Toronto life and all the amenities it comes with. There is certainly plenty to think about besides just the home when buying one. Here are several tips on how to figure out which type of GTA neighborhood would be your right fit.

know your priorities and do your research 
Neighborhoods are defined by the location and the type of homes they feature, and many GTA homebuyers are torn between the convenient and exciting downtown life and quieter areas. Living downtown is appealing to many homebuyers because of the conveniences and the range of options it offers, like various amenities within walking distance, public transport options, the nice condos, etc. However, many GTA buyers would trade all the downtown conveniences for the GTA suburbs as they also come with their own perks, like bigger homes at more affordable prices,  a stronger sense of community feel, peaceful neighborhoods, etc.

As a GTA homebuyer you need to decide what matters the most to you, what your no-gos and must-haves are. Parents with children will probably give priority to the school districts they think would be a good fit for their kids and areas with lots of green spaces. Many people love having a gym, walking/cycling trails or shops in the vicinity, and if you are one of them, you will have plenty of options in the GTA.

When you narrow down the areas to your top choices, it is time to start looking for your potential GTA home. Once you find one you really like and seriously consider a purchase, make sure to double-check the neighborhood. To gain a sense of what it is like to live there, explore the neighborhood at different times of the day, like during rush hour, in the evening or even the morning. Check the crime rate stats and how the neighborhood compares to other areas in terms of safety. The police may be willing to give you the data first-hand. Chat with the neighbors or your agent to find out other relevant information, like available internet providers, best places to eat or the best routes to avoid traffic jams.

People have a natural need to fit right in their surrounding, so paying attention to the resident profile in the area can help you make the right decision. If you have a family, you will probably be looking for a family-friendly community where families make up the majority. If you are down-sizing, you will probably feel more comfortable in an area where similar people live. The community we live in defines us in a certain way having a major impact on us on many levels so we need to be sure it fits our social needs as well.  
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