How Can Staging Help You Sell Your Home
By: Alfred Martinelli

How Can Staging Help You Sell Your Home


When putting their home on the market, sellers usually have one goal: to sell fast and at top dollar. While some sellers may catch a lucky break without putting too much effort in the sales process, the average seller has to invest some time (and money) in preparing the home to increase its appeal. Thanks to home staging and the brilliant ideas of professional home stagers and real estate agents, sellers are able to transform their home into an A-list listing that will catch the eye of a large pool of homebuyers.

Home staging refers to brushing up the home in a tasteful way, making its features stand out in perfectly utilized space, where the furniture, the colors, the design and accessories perfectly blend in with the style of the home. It may include certain updates, depending on the home's condition, but the major point is to create a cozy inviting oasis that makes potential homebuyers connect to the home instantly (making them want to live there).

Staging may incur some costs, but if done right, it can immensely benefit the seller in multiple ways. Here are some of the biggest advantages of staging your home.

Staged homes attract attention

Visually appealing homes rank better on MLS and listing websites, so imagine how many people will get drawn to your listing when your home looks like it's from a magazine cover. Staged homes look great in photos, and they will stand out among the competition with their beautiful design and perfect setting.

Empty or yet overcluttered homes will not make the same impression, as it's easier for buyers to imagine their life in a home that is decluttered, clean, purposefully and elegantly furnished and where everything seems to be just in the right place.

The best sellers can do is make the home look half-empty to gain in space. No one likes to see a dozen of jackets hanging on the rack or clothes hanging out of the closet or dishes on the kitchen countertop, so it is crucial to empty half of your stuff to make your home appear organized and neat.

Staged Homes are interesting to homebuyers

Compared to unstaged homes, your staged property will definitely stand out, enticing homebuyers to schedule a visit. When they like a listing online, they will be curious to see it in person. This alone increases your odds of getting multiple offer. 

Staged homes add value to your home

Staged homes have the secret power to add value to your home just because you are able to show its massive potential. Many buyers simply love aesthetically polished up homes because of the beautifully arranged setting that gives them a glimpse of the life they could have if they buy it, so they get attached to the idea more easily, and when they do, they are ready to pay for it.

Your best selling features will come to light

Your top selling features (whether it's the balcony, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc.) will be presented in the best light and buyers are more prone to notice them when they are properly showcased. For example, if you are proud of your bathroom and think it's one of your best rooms, nice lighting fixtures (perhaps around the mirror), a perfectly arranged set of matching towels, a candle or two, and nice scents will create the impression of an ideal space to take a bath. Many homebuyers will want to do exactly that.

Creating such a feeling is one of the reasons why staged homes usually sell for more than unstaged homes. Sometimes, it's even up to 10% over asking.

Staged homes sell more quickly

Given the above, you are probably not surprised that staged homes will spend significantly less time in the market than unstaged homes. As a matter of fact, according to some stats, it's 50% less time on the market in comparison to unstaged homes. This is excellent news, since homes that sit for too long in the market tend to drop in value. Days on the market spent has become a vital indicator that is often associated to a home's worth.

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